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Low Rise Residential Buildings

Mid Rise Residential Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Partnering with Rollformer Manufacturers

Vertex can work with any roll forming machine to allow the manufacture of walls, floors and roofs. Read more >>





Low Rise Residential Buildings

Vertex brings new power to housebuilding project:  a comprehensive solution covering the whole supply-chain speeding up the process, minimizing errors making the overall project management easier.






Mid Rise Residential Buildings

Five storey office and residential building, Norway

14 Fieldgate street is a 8 stories student and residential accommodation (350 student rooms and 9 residential flats) above a ground floor of retail space. The circular building included faceted fronts, angled rooms, external mesh screens and corner windows. The project is located in central London near to Whitechapel.



Industrial Buildings

Newcom Mining LLC is a pioneer in introducing light gauge steel technology (LGSF) for industrial buildings in  Mongolia, where the climate conditions are extreme and the rough terrain provides many challenges for the construction market. The company finished a successful construction project in the Gobi desert where workshop facilities, garages and an accommodation block were designed and manufactured utilizing light gauge steel  frame technology. Vertex building design software was key to solving specific issues in this project.



Partnering with Rollformers Manufacturers

Vertex can work with any roll forming machine to allow the manufacture of walls, floors and roofs. Vertex has development teams in place to create a software environment specifically integrated to your rollformer.

NC files can be created automatically from Vertex-designed projects to any file format of your choosing. Vertex can accommodate multiple profiles, connection types and roll forming tools such as service holes and printing.

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Benefits of partnering with Vertex


  • Higher level of automation by integration of design software with rollformers
  • Streamlines client´s entire process from design to manufacturing
  • Saves time and minimize errors in production
  • Generating wall and floor panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and other material reports is automated.
  • Utilizing an NC Link module, manufacturers can also send panel fabrication data directly to roll-forming machines.


  • Clients are saving an enormous amount of time in drafting, material reporting, data entry, manufacturing and correcting all the errors typically made along the way.
  • Hugely increases the knowledge transfer and shortens the learning curve for new companies buying machines.
  • Creates new opportunities for after-sales services, wider range of projects and more effective help and support for clients.

As a result – more satisfied clients, more new machines


The following integrations are available for steel framed manufacturing:


| Howick | Royal Systems | Pinnacle | Samesor | Beck Automation Controller | Dahezhongbang |
| AMS Eclipse Controller | Knudson | Bora | Studmeister | Jobsite | FrameMac | UNBAK Machinery |


| Architectural Design | Framing | Engineering | Detailing | Production |

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